i2 Performance Package Option

Vivid i offers enhanced image quality, faster image optimization, and increased productivity for novice and skilled users alike. The i2 package includes:

  • Speckle Reduce Imaging (SRI) uses an adaptive, real-time software algorithm to improve image quality.
  • Coded Phase Inversion (CPI) enhances contrast imaging with excellent sensitivity, resolution and tissue suppression.
  • Compound imaging processes cross-beam images to enhance border definition, reduce acoustic artifact and improve contrast resolution.
  • Automatic Spectrum Optimization (ASO) provides optimization of PW or CW spectrum scale and baseline display for increased productivity and ease of use.
  • Harmonics on all high-frequency probes further enhance image quality.

Quantitative Analysis
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging* (TVI) displays dynamic information from moving heart tissue to help you more easily quantify LV function
  • Tissue Tracking* (TT) helps you detect coronary heart disease through better visualization and quantification of regional wall motion
  • EchoPAC Analysis lets you analyze raw data acquired from the Vivid i on the EchoPAC
  • Workstation and conduct a full range of quantitative analyses, including TVI, TT, TSI and Strain
  • Complete measurement and analysis worksheets and reports are tailored to each exam
  • Live anatomical M-mode corrects for off-axis orientation when the heart is not positioned or shaped normally
  • Over 40 gigabytes of disk space provide ample archive storage of patient images, loops and information

    *Requires the i2 Performance Package