Samsung WS80A Elite


The WS80A Elite is a high resolution, premium system designed to meet the needs of women’s healthcare. Leveraging our S-Vision hybrid beamformer technology and S-Vue™ transducers, it delivers exceptional image quality, while Realistic Vue™ and 5D ultrasound continue to advance volumetric imaging.
  • Hybrid Digital Beamforming Technology and S-Vue™ Transducers Deliver Exceptional Image Clarity
  • 5D Advanced Applications Include 5D Heart, CNS, LB, NT and Follicle to Streamline Workflow
  • Realistic Vue™ Offers 3D/4D Rendering with Excellent Detail and Realistic Depth Perception

5D Heart (Fetal Heart Examination)

5D Heart simultaneously displays nine standard fetal cardiac views capturing one dynamic cardiac cycle. It utilizes intelligent navigation technology to quickly assess fetal cardiac anatomy and simplify documentation of the fetal heart examination, helping to minimize operator dependency.

5D CNS (Fetal Brain Measurement)

Using intelligent navigation, 5D CNS provides six measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, Cerebellum, Posterior Fossa, Atria of lateral ventricle) from three transverse views of the fetal brain to help facilitate measurement reproducibility and streamline workflow.

5D LB (Fetal Long Bone Detection)

5D LB efficiently locates, displays and measures fetal long bones (Radius, Ulna, Humerus, Femur, Tibia and Fibula) from within the 3D dataset, streamlining workflow while helping to facilitate measurement reproducibility.

5D NT (Nuchal Translucency Measurement)

5D NT intelligent navigation helps to simplify the NT measurement process by locating the precise mid-sagittal plane in a single step. Semi-automatic measurements are then performed for excellent NT accuracy and efficient examination time.

5D Follicle (Follicle Measurement)

5D Follicle identifies and measures multiple ovarian follicles for rapid assessment of follicular size and status during gynecology examinations.

Realistic Vue™

Realistic Vue™ displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception. The user determines the direction of a simulated light source, providing clarity of surface detail and tissue parenchyma, as well as introducing intricate graduated shadows.

Hybrid Beamforming Technology

Our hybrid beamformer technology is comprised of advanced hardware and software, allowing for intricate digital programming, which better defines the shape of the ultrasound pulse. This provides more precise transmission and reception of the ultrasound signal, resulting in exceptional image clarity.

S-Vue™ Transducer

The WS80A Elite incorporates our next generation single crystal probe technology. With an advanced crystal design, S-Vue™ transducers provide efficient piezoelectric properties, resulting in wide bandwidths for exceptional penetration and high resolution on even the most challenging of patients.


ClearVision™ is an advanced multi-filtering technology designed to help decrease speckle, enhance border detection and display exceptional contrast resolution. It provides excellent image clarity, allowing for a confident assessment of fetal anatomy.


S-Flow™ is a highly sensitive Doppler technology utilizing both phase (directional) and amplitude data to help ensure confident vascular documentation on even the smallest peripheral vessels.

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MPI provides a quick and efficient method of performing fetal Myocardial Performance Index Doppler measurements. MPI also facilitates workflow during fetal heart examinations with an easy one-click operation.