Samsung SonoAce R7


The Samsung SonoAce R7 offers a slim and ultra-compact ultrasound system to clinicians. Delivering enhanced performance from a simple user interface for a seamless image experience on the 19" LCD monitor, you can enjoy greater diagnostic confidence thanks to advanced harmonic imaging techniques. Acquire clear insight with effective artifact reduction and outstanding 2D color performance.
  • A Sim Body and Compact Design Emphasize Portability
  • Easy Customization for Streamlined Operation
  • Full Spectrum Imaging™ for Better Penetration and Resolution
  • Speckle Reduction Filter™ Reduces Unnecessary Artifacts

Slim & Compact Design

A slim body and compact design emphasize the portability of the SonoAce R7. With 4 swivel wheels for smooth steering and front/rear handles for versatile maneuverability, you can dynamically meet the demands of your patient flow in flexible fashion.

19" LCD Monitor

Delivering outstanding image quality in sharp contrast, the 19" LCD monitor allows clinicians to view, analyze and make decisions based on displayed images. Enjoy greater diagnostic confidence and reduce uncertainty to improve the patient experience.

Full User Customization

A simple control panel and backlit keyboard afford easy customization for streamlined operation. Create a better working environment for an improved quality of care thanks to features like full menu customization that enhance the user experience.

2D Image Capabilities

Connectivity options provide expanded functionality like offline analysis with SonoView Pro™, standardized distribution via DICOM 3.0, USB printer compatibility, DVD recording and writing, and USB flash memory for backup, export and transfer.

Full Spectrum Imaging (FSI)

Utilize the entire frequency distribution supported by the probe across a range of TX frequency designations. And the frequency range can be broadened for better penetration and resolution. Apply this for balance when capturing the second harmonic.

Compound Resolution Imaging (CRI)

This technique involves creating several scan lines of images in one TX. Made possible only through digital beam-forming as opposed to analog, you can enjoy increased resolution of small structures and enhanced border delineation in your images.

Synthetic Aperture Control

This method helps overcome the limits of the physical channel via software. To create one scan line, the TX and RX are performed twice. You'll be able to achieve enhanced penetration and resolution for improved visibility and diagnostic confidence.

Speckle Reduction Filter (SRF)

The SRF function reduces speckle and low-signal artifacts in the background and organs, resulting in improved clarity. DynamicMR™ also serves the same benefit in 2D ultrasound images through an innovative second-stage filtering by object and pixel.

3D/4D Imaging Capabilities

Enjoy simple to use 3D and 4D imaging capabilities while offering diagnostic tools such as 3D XI™. 3D Multi-Slice View™ and Oblique View™ compliment the 3D volume data assessment for more advanced diagnostic confidence.

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