Samsung SonoAce R3
Samsung/Medison new and reconditioned ultrasound
Samsung SonoAce R3


The Samsung SonoAce R3's compact design provides a highly maneuverable ultrasound system for your clinical needs. Delivering virtually all of the diagnostic capabilities of a conventional cart-based device, you can enjoy advanced harmonic imaging and Doppler on the 15" LCD monitor to help secure more accurate diagnoses. Improve clinical efficiency with this easy-to-use, portable machine.
  • Emphasizing Portability and Versatile Connectivity
  • Dramatically Cleaner and Sharper Structural Contrast
  • Full Spectrum Imaging™ for Better Penetration and Resolution
  • Speckle Reduction Filter™ Reduces Unnecessary Artifact

Optimized System Architecture

Featuring a compact design, 4 swivel wheels and a convenient handle for high maneuverability, the SonoAce R3 emphasizes portability, while 2 probe ports and 3 USB ports provide versatile connectivity. So you can stay flexible and meet patient needs.

15" LCD Monitor

Delivering outstanding image quality in sharp contrast, the 15" LCD monitor allows clinicians to view, analyze and make decisions based on displayed images. Enjoy greater diagnostic confidence and reduce uncertainty to improve the patient experience.

Full-Featured Workflow

Streamline your patient flow thanks to shortcut and functional key groupings along with a thumbnail menu for quick access, standardized distribution via DICOM 3.0, a standby mode that allows for rapid boot-up and cine save & play for effective video.

Versatile Functionality

An easily customizable measurement package and body markers allow you to tailor settings to your style of practice. Along with a storage manager and backlit control keys and keyboard, you'll be able to implement versatility in examination settings.


At the touch of a button, QuickScan helps to streamline patient flow and efficiency. By enabling automatic optimization of key imaging parameters, you can devote your medical attention to more accurate diagnoses and improving the quality of care.

Full Spectrum Imaging (FSI)

Utilize the entire frequency distribution supported by the probe across a range of TX frequency designations. And the frequency range can be broadened for better penetration and resolution. Apply this for balance when capturing the second harmonic.

Speckle Reduction Filter (SRF)

Samsung innovative SRF algorithm reduces speckle and low-signal artifacts throughout the entire scan area, resulting in better visual clarity. This way, clinicians can improve evaluation capability and reach decisions with greater accuracy.

Pulse-Inversion Harmonic Imaging

Enjoy the improved image quality afforded by taking advantage of the second harmonic, without sacrificing penetration. Using pulse inversion, you can achieve an increased signal-to-noise ratio for dramatically cleaner and sharper structural contrast.

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Synthetic Aperture Control

This method helps overcome the limits of the physical channel via software. To create one scan line, the TX and RX are performed twice. You'll be able to achieve enhanced penetration and resolution for improved visibility and diagnostic confidence.