Samsung HM70A


The Samsung HM70A helps to deliver higher levels of accuracy, simplicity and speed to clinicians, along with greater reliability thanks to an extended 5 year warranty. Experience detailed images on the 15" LED monitor with a notebook keyboard for convenient, familiar controls. Ergonomically designed to emphasize portability, you can enjoy versatile implementation for a dynamic patient flow, while devoting more energy to improving the quality of care.
  • Emphasizing Speed, Portability and Ergonomics
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine Enables More Detailed Scanning
  • Single Crystal Probe for Improved Penetration and Axial Resolution
  • Maximize the Viewing Area in Full Screen Mode™

15" LED Monitor

Enjoy superb image quality on the high-resolution 15" LED monitor. With sharper vision and more detailed imagery, you can increase diagnostic confidence for improved clinical decision-making, while LED uses less power for greater energy efficiency.

Hybrid Beamforming Engine

The enhanced software and hardware of the hybrid beamforming engine enables more in-depth and detailed scanning for improved gray scale and color, while adaptable response thanks to spatial filtering allows for the more rapid and accurate processing of data.

Single Crystal Probe

Through conversion from multi-crystal to single, the single crystal probe allows for improved penetration through wider bandwidth as well as enhanced axial resolution. This way, you can more easily distinguish structures for diagnostic evaluation.

Full Screen Mode

Enjoy a larger image area using the Full Screen Mode. A customizable user key enables you to maximize the image viewing area for improved visual clarity in detailed regions, so you can employ more accurate examination capabilities for your patients.


Improve the patient experience thanks to SDMR. Implement rapid and precise diagnostic procedures with high-resolution 2D image quality, increased edge enhancement and speckle noise artifact reduction for greater diagnostic confidence.


S-Flow detects peripheral blood vessels through an innovative color Doppler with enhanced sensitivity. Thanks to excellent color detection, clinicians can secure more accurate diagnoses regardless of physiology for an improved patient experience.

Needle Mate™

Using pinpoint precision, Needle Mate delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks, corticosteroid injections and PICC line insertions, allowing you greater accuracy and efficiency for diagnosis and treatment.


At the touch of a button, QuickScan helps to streamline patient flow and efficiency. By enabling automatic optimization of key imaging parameters, you can devote your medical attention to more accurate diagnoses and improving the quality of care.