A New Breakthrough in Speckle Reduction:

iClear Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging

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Good Things Come in Small Packages 

The launch of Mindray’s new laptop-size ultrasound systems will bring along users worldwide a new era of full functional hand carried ultrasound system.

Ever since its foundation, Mindray has been making best effort in promoting medical technology innovations. In ultrasound, our persistent customer-oriented technologies have offered a family of versatile ultrasound products with extraordinary performance to suit a broad range of clinical applications.

Rely on the high performance

  Weighing approximately 6Kg, delivering a full range of functionality and solid diagnostic confidence

 Brilliant color imaging capability and excellent 2D performance,with impressive THI (tissue harmonic imaging) for better contrast and spatial resolution

 The image homogenization fulfills the whole field of view up to a depth of 30cm

Complete imaging modes: B, M, PW, HPRF, CW, Color, Power and DirPower

iScapeTM View (panoramic imaging) and trapezoidal imaging allow to a wider field of view for better diagnosis

 iBeamTM function, a spatial compounding imaging technology, increases spatial resolution without any compromise in frame rate, thus collecting more useful information to generate higher quality images 

iClear TM adaptive speckle suppresion imaging helps to visualize more tissue subtleties to improve diagnostic confidence.                                                                                                          

Bring you an easy scan

Home-based layout and screen display for synchronous navigation

Quickly optimize the image quality with one button iTouchTM (intelligent image optimization) for better whole field grayscale and uniformity

IP (image processing) for balanced parameter groups

Soft keys for easy parameter adjustment and measurement

Active screen parameter adjustment

Take M5 with you anytime and anywhere 

Uniquely, with its small size, M5 is easy to transport, boosting its application to more occasions such as ambulances, gymnasiums, operation rooms as well as in the field.

Benefiting from a fast boot up, rechargeable batteries and light-weight multi-frequency transducers, the M5 is ready for scanning wherever and whenever necessary.

Easy storage, fast review and effcient management of patient data can be realized by the intelligent information management platform iStationTM with storage capacity of 80G HDD, the shortcuts and user-defined keys accordingly, supporting off-line analysis of both data and images.  

Moreover, the M5 system integrates seamless network and plug-and-play connectivity such as DICOM, USB ports, DVD-R/W, DVD recorder and so on.