Portable Color Doppler Ultraound System

  • Fully software controlled Image Processing (F-XT technology)
  • Color Doppler & Power Doppler display available
  • Autofocus function for transmission
  • High-resolution SVGA display
  • Cine memory with 128 frames
  • Wide band Probe for multi frequency function
  • 6-step STC adjustment
  • DICOM-compatible Ethernet port
  • 3.5-inch 640MB drive for image filing

Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System UF-750XT

This progressive, flexible system makes a change in your Ultrasound Scanner a common sense decision.

In the progressing evolution of high speed Ultrasound technology, we have created superb image quality through the adoption of programmable digital image processing architecture.

Both additional function and digital filtering, which determines image quality, are available through a simple software upgrade.

Fukuda Denshi's original technological revolution makes this possible without the restriction imposed by hardware systems.

Digital image processing by F-XT technology

The system ensures far higher operational efficiency than DSP and FPGA while providing more flexibility than ASIC, DSP and FPGA while providing more flexibility than ASIC.
Future upgrades of the algorithm, the key in imaging, are available through software revisions... no need for troublesome servicing.
The software-based signal processing also enables highly sensitive Doppler examination.
While compact, the instrument exhibits the system performance compared favorably with models of higher classes.

Approx. 26(W) x 18.2(D) x 6.05(H) cm 
Approx. 15(W) x 8 1/2 (D) x 14 1/2(H) inch 

Approx. 2 Kg 
Approx. 26 1/2 lbs